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is an educational platform and live learning experience dedicated to bridging the gap and ensuring minorities + people of color are equipped with the knowledge needed to be successful in the cannabis business.

Our Mission

We are excited to embark on the journey of educating people of color about the cannabis business, new Hemp laws and why it is so important that we don’t get left behind as more opportunities open up as deregulation happens. We want to be at the forefront as advocates for POC sharing our own in-depth knowledge and experience.


We are also cognizant of the legal disparities in place that have directly affected our community and want to help bridge the gap towards rectifying and restoring our local communities by providing information and tools for those interested in pursuing advocacy, as well as decriminalization of the use of the marijuana plant.

cultivating color in cannabis

December 4-5, 2020

Fully Integrated’s inaugural virtual cannabis social conference, Canna Meets Culture looks to create opportunities for Black, Brown, and other underrepresented communities to learn about the pros, cons, benefits, and barriers of the cannabis business, as well as the best ways to integrate cannabis into your day to day lifestyle.

Our partners:
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Specialty Tracks Include: CannaBusiness, Lifestyle, and Parenting

Sessions Include:

  • What You Need to Know [About Weed]- COMPLIMENTARY SESSION
  • Black Men in Cannabis
  • Taking Action in the Industry | Social Justice, Allyship and What That Means, Really
  • Breaking Through the Green Wall | Finding Your Path in the Business [Retail, E-commerce, Delivery, Dispensary]
  • Getting Candid About Cannabis/Open Conversation about Normalization
  • Mental Health and Cannabis
  • Holiday Cookie Fun | Infused Cooking Session
  • Cannabiz 101 | Setting up your Cannabis Business- Step-by-step conversation to walk you through initial steps to setting up your first Canna business
  • 420 Workouts- with Sweat & Soul Fitness
  • CannaParent- Cannabis and Parenting (hosted by Mommies & Mary Jane)
  • Cultivation Track- Q & A with Master Grower Bryant Mitchell (“How to” session on starting your first grow)
  • CannaButter | Infused Cooking session- Learn how to make infused butter for all of your infused dishes
  • Dosing, Strains & Wraps- Learn about dosing, differences between strains and choosing the best wrap

The full virtual schedule will be available soon. Read more details about Canna Meets Culture here

Presented by Blaqstar Farms

Cost: $0-125

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Conference Schedule

*All times are CST (Chicago/Houston)

Friday, December 4

Saturday, December 5

1:30pm - 2:00pm
  • Cannabis and Parenting
  • Cultivation Q&A​
2:00pm - 2:30pm
  • Infusion Session | Bud & Butter (Learn how to make your own cannabutter)
  • Setting Up Your Cannabis Business
2:45pm - 3:45pm
Fully Integrated is focused on providing basic, entry-level education to newly interested parties while still offering valuable information, opportunity, and resources to the more "seasoned" cannapreneur. Simply put, we want to meet people where they are and have real (transparent) conversations about cannabis that people can understand.
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